Value Triangle Leveraging Sustained Focus in Execution

By James Lusk, EVP & CFO, ABM

James Lusk, EVP & CFO, ABM

In partnership with ABM leadership, the CFO team has, over the last seven years, successfully lead the development and refinement of the ABM Integrated Planning  Process (IPP) encompassing the Strategic Planning Process, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), project prioritization and management of key projects and the development, execution and delivery of the annual budget process.

The embedding of the IPP into the fabric of the business has served to ensure its importance and execution, positioning it as a platform for CFO team value creation. Integral to the effectiveness of the IPP is clear and aligned role definition, providing a platform to leverage and enhance the CFO team’s role in influencing ABM’s key decision making (a “seat at the table”), helping to optimize and drive positive business impacts/outcomes.

The CFO team has developed a laser focus on deploying solutions to key business problems through a disciplined process executed in partnership with the business. Solutions to key business problems are developed and deployed as “capabilities” comprised of the right mix of People, Process and Systems elements. In solving business problems, our goal is to position delivered “capabilities” as competitive weapons which drive positive business results.

As a CFO team, we have aligned around the concept of the “Value Triangle™” which, at its foundation/core is based on the achievement of transactional processing excellence. Excellence in core transactional activities positions CFO team members to move up the “Value Triangle™”, opening up the opportunity for them to truly operate as Strategic Partners based on demonstrated functional excellence, business knowledge, relationship management and effective problem solving.

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