Apptricity: Automating Travel and Expense Management

Apptricity: Automating Travel and Expense Management

International expansion, business mobility, and globalization make travel and expense management complicated and challenging for many organizations. Business trips often bring in various intricacies such as out of policy expenditure, late expenses submission, and error-prone spreadsheets that do not always ensure authentic data accumulation. Amid such circumstances, the need of the hour is an integrated, automated solution capable of streamlining workflows. Enter Apptricity, a web and mobile-based travel and expense management software solution provider. The firm’s Travel & Expense application is disrupting the market with its uniqueness and scalability that blends IoT, mobile technology, and analytics. The app simplifies submission, approval, and payment processes involved in travel, thus providing holistic solutions to the issues in this arena.

Apptricity Travel & Expense application comes with many distinct and valuable features that make it convenient and relevant for users. Through its mobile app, users can access reports and perform functions even without network connectivity. Its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology removes the hassle of inaccurate expense reporting. A photograph of the expense receipt when fed into the app, converts the image into usable data. Moreover, the app integrates with many ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Banner, Lawson, Epicor, and QuickBooks, which enables organizations to track and manage expenses efficiently. In addition, Apptricity’s solution also generates electronic expense reports, enables seamless travel booking, integrates credit cards, and provides a simple to use and easily customizable user interface.

Organizations that used conventional methods have found Apptricity’s solutions quite compelling. Over the years, Apptricity has witnessed a steady growth in its clientele that includes industry giants like Walmart and AT&T. Its user-friendly interface and extensive mobile capabilities, coupled with responsive customer service continue to garner appreciation from clients.

Apptricity’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology removes the hassle of inaccurate expense reporting

The management at TD Auto Finance, being impressed with Apptricity’s level of customer service, said: “Support team members go out of their way to deliver exceptional services. The continued patience, support and dedication that the team exhibits are greatly appreciated and highly valued.” Apptricity’s reliable solutions and superior service has made it possible for many organizations to reduce their operational expenses and save time, leading to better business efficiency.

Realizing that the IT landscape is constantly changing, Apptricity focuses on improving the existing workflow and driving innovation to bring new products and services to the market. The company intends to reach out to new markets and expand its services, while boosting the value of its offerings. The firm also aims to strike strategic partnerships as a part of their roadmap. Apptricity’s green initiative tries to nullify the raging environmental issues by promoting paperless transactions and bringing in new technologies that bolster automation.

With technology as the driving force and innovation as backbone, Apptricity delivers holistic solutions to the challenges faced in travel and expense management ecosystem. The firm ensures best in breed customer service and has many exciting new innovations in the pipeline.