DATABASICS: End-to-End Expense Reporting Solutions

DATABASICS: End-to-End Expense Reporting Solutions

CIO VendorMarcel Syriani, CTO
With the accelerating pace of today’s business environment, an expense reporting solution has to be easy, fast and efficient. At the same time, it must meet requirements for internal control, compliance and integration. Since 1997, DATABASICS has helped enterprises throughout the world master these dual challenges. DATABASICS’ cloud and mobile-based software, DATABASICS Expense, is highly flexible and rich in functionality. Still, DATABASICS understands that software alone isn’t enough. As Marcel Syriani, DATABASICS CTO, observes, “A customer needs more than a tool or piece of technology from his vendor. He needs experienced, knowledgeable people who are committed to achieving the results the customer is after.”

Headquartered in Reston, VA, DATABASICS also has offices in Montreal, Quebec. In addition to expense reporting, DATABASICS offers time tracking, DATABASICS Time. When combined with DATABASICS Expense, it gives customers a powerful unified employee reporting platform. “The common interface benefits end-users, but combining the two solutions also vastly simplifies things for administrators and accounting,” says Jennifer Schnittker, DATABASICS’ Marketing Manager.

DATABASICS purposely designs its software so that ease-of-use is never compromised even when complex requirements must be met. According to DATABASICS, the end-user experience is critical to the success of an expense reporting solution. DATABASICS makes sure that end-users’ effort is minimized. For example, they use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to “read” receipts and credit card feeds to eliminate much of the burden of transaction entry. Numerous other features and shortcuts are available contributing to end-user productivity and satisfaction, but DATABASICS says they do not neglect the administrators either. The Audit Module is typical: configurable filters, templates, even built-in sampling methods make report review a highly efficient, organized process.

DATABASICS believes mobile is mandatory for employee reporting.

DATABASICS takes the complexities of the reporting process and makes them simple and easy

Their mobile solution is complete— nothing is left out. The interface makes entry obvious and easy. Importantly, a single app contains all functionality.

Expense reporting is part of a larger “ecosystem” of business processes. It uses data from other systems. As well, it’s a supplier of data. To get the most from it, DATABASICS asserts that it must be seamlessly integrated into the customer’s process environment. Integration is a critical part of what DATABASICS does. Accounting integration is almost always needed, but linking with other systems like Travel Management have valuable pay-offs. For Travel Management, they include auto-matching of travel data with credit card transactions and matching reservations against actual charges to identify possible refunds.

Sony Music Entertainments’ experience with DATABASICS Expense is typical of DATABASICS’ customers. The recording industry giant was in need of more effective budget control than their legacy solution could provide. By integrating DATABASICS’ Expense Reporting into their business process ecosystem, Sony Music was able to support standardization across the organization and tightly integrate with multiple companies in a global SAP instance.

“Our customers, like Sony Music, see great value in our ability to meet their requirements without modifications or customizations of our technologies,” says Chris Harley, Vice President of Sales.

Looking forward, DATABASICS will be introducing new short-cuts and efficiencies that take advantage of the continuing advances in mobile technology. Additionally, DATABASICS is investigating Artificial Intelligence not only for internal control but to streamline the choices end-users have to make in filing their reports. Expanding the scope of DATABASICS integration is a further priority. NetSuite and Salesforce will shortly join the wide array of integrations already supported.

DATABASICS is growing rapidly and plans to open offices in the UK and Far East by mid-2018.