Certify: Efficient Tracking of Travel Expenses

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Certify: Efficient Tracking of Travel Expenses

CIO VendorBob Neveu, President
Whether enterprises are looking at new business opportunities or catering to the demands of existing clients and stakeholders, organizations have to be consistently on the move and Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expense is often considered to be one of the controllable spending for any company, after wages and sales-and-marketing disbursement. Expense managers who can keep a track of the internal and external processes can help their companies save a substantial amount of revenue. Providing online travel and expense management solution for small and mid-sized businesses, Certify helps organizations worldwide book travel and complete expense reports quickly, easily, and cost-effectively using Certify cloud and mobile applications.

Certify provides just the right options for small and mid-sized businesses. The company’s Certify Now comes equipped with the ability to integrate with QuickBooks, designed to keep a track of payrolls, sales and other expenses of an organization. It can be customized to the QuickBooks field mapping to seamlessly link vendors and expense categories. Another premium offering is the Certify Mobile, which is the right option to make expense management and reporting easy for SMBs. Instead of keeping track of paper receipts, Certify Mobile allows employees and business travellers to simply take a photo of the receipt with a smartphone. The auto generated expense reports help automate travel and expense management for the entire organization.

Certify has been of immense help for enterprises. One such case is that of VitaPlus, a Wisconsin based company providing feed and related services to livestock producers. VitaPlus processes around 250 expense reports monthly and the company had been using Microsoft Excel for many years to handle expense reporting, a tedious process which required a lot of double checking.

Advances in personal technologies and travel-based smartphone apps have made it easier for business travellers to choose the experiences and vendors they prefer

Subsequently, they reviewed Certify and decided to switch to the cloud-based expense management system for its rapid deployment, minimal no training, and integration capability with the company’s mileage reporting system, Runzheimer. VitaPlus began to use Certify in 2010, realizing cost benefits immediately, since Certify is 50 percent more economical than the previous system.

Certify supports more than 60 languages and 140+ currencies to provide a common platform for all users, no matter their location or preferences. “Business travel got a lot more personal in 2016. Advances in personal technologies and travel-based smartphone apps have made it easier for business travellers to choose the experiences and vendors they prefer,” extols Bob Neveu, CEO, Certify. Certify also provides various services, prominent among these is Certify Travel 2.0 that provides end-to-end corporate travel management capability by simplifying bookings for employees while helping the company manage travel practices and costs. As the employees login, Certify Travel 2.0 knows who they are, their frequent flyer numbers, travel options, and other preferences. The search process for flights, hotels, and car rentals is quick and flexible.

Certify is making rapid strides in the field of Travel and Expense management and seems all set for the future. “The enterprise still needs controls on spend management, and that’s our focus. There is a need to drive features, functionality and innovation into our products for expense, as well as other related areas,” concludes Bob. It seems Certify is perfectly placed to take the leading role in building out new ideas and functionality to disrupt the marketplace.